Candles Light The Alter

Candles Light The Altar

This year will be the seventeenth anniversary of our community’s traditional celebration of El Día de los Muertos which has been held at the Old Courthouse Square in the heart of Santa Rosa. In 2001, a small group of community organizers brought forth an idea to create a sacred space for community members to remember, honor and celebrate loved ones who have crossed over. Over the past seventeen years, this celebration has grown from a small event to one that is now celebrated by thousands of people each year. Due to a lot of hard work and dedication this event has focused on educating the community about the sacred traditions as celebrated by indigenous cultures. Our intention is to continue the celebration and to raise awareness in current and future generations that they might draw strength in remembrance and acknowledgment of their ancestors.

Together We Create the Sacred Space

Together We Create the Sacred Space

The uniqueness of this annual event has been that is has brought many different aspects of our community working together year after year. Groups who have participated and made this event possible include: educators; community organizers; local indigenous community members; students ranging from pre-school to university level; members of our homeless community; musical, visual and literary artists; social advocates; business professionals, restauranteurs; local government officials; non-profit organizations; and hospitals. These and many more organizations have made the celebration of El Día de los Muertos at Old Courthouse Square the successful event it has become.

Since 2001, the main altar has been created by George Viramontes. Year after year his creative vision and dedication to the spiritual intent of el Día de los Muertos has inspired others to follow his path. In memory of the spirit of our loved ones, thank you George.

The first year’s poster was designed by Omar Medina and did not have the year printed so that it could be used in the future. The poster was used from 2001-2004. Alejandro Salazar designed the 2005 and 2006 posters. The posters from 2007-2017 have been designed by Mike Garcia.

We give special thanks to Santa Rosa Junior College and in particular the Public Relations Office for the support provided. Mike Garcia has generously given his time, creativity and professionalism in the design of El Día de los Muertos posters.

Your continued support will ensure that this cultural event takes place yearly in Sonoma County and that it continues year after year.

With much gratitude,
Day of the Dead Committee